Contemporary Art Gallery

2014 - 2018

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the gallery took an inclusive approach and curated exhibitions that addressed contemporary thematic issues. 

PDA had over 25 exhibitions that ran from 2-6 weeks. 

Represented Artists

Dayna Danger 
Anne Marie Dumouchel
Colin Muir Dorward
Alysha Farling
Adam Gunn
Gillian King
Aydin Matlabi
Christopher Payne
Zoltan Veevate
Vincent Tiley

Selected Artists Exhibited

Alaska B
Mariane Bourcheix-Laport
Maxime Boisvert-Huneault
Natasha Botello
Stella Cade
Wallis Cheung
Anna J. Eyle & Nicolas Lapointe
James Gardner
Petra Glynt
Philippe Caron-Lefebvre
Rachel Kalpana James  
Darcy Kennedy
Lilly Koltun
Aymara Alvarado Lang
Emily Jan 
Olivia Johnston
Hugo Gaudet-Dion
Lauren Pelc-McArthur

Julia Martin
Jessica Mensch
Stephanie Nadeau
Emily Pelstring
Tyler K. Rauman
Massimo Guerra
Didier Morelli
Drew Mosley
Melanie Rose Peterson
Sarah Sands-Philipps
Anthony Sauvé
Simon Schlesinger
Stéphanie St-Jean Aubre
Jesse Stewart
Rémi Thériault
Cara Tierney
Corie-Lynn Tetz
Guillermo Trejo

PDA Projects was founded by Gallery Director Brendan A. de Montigny & Educational Workshop Director Meredith Snider that operated until 2015


Melanie Rose Peterson
Mother forgive me 

Opening of Face/ Off

Two year anniversary 
Christopher Payne
Dog Days 

Intern Pierre Richardson 

Short Cuts

Tyler K. Raument & Ben Van D. at their opening of Parodelia 

A summer opening at PDA Projects

Jessica Mensch & Emily Pelstring testing out their installation for Inflatable Deities 

A scultpure by Emily Jan featured in You Maniacs, You Blew It Up! 

A conversation piece by Didier Morelli 

Anthony Sauve
Spectators at the performance of Inflatable Deities 

Performance by  Mariane Bourcheix-Laport, where an RCMP officer asks her to leave the common grounds on Canada’s parliment hill